Tuesday, April 10, 2012

opportunity for sharing kinetic art, robots, etc!

hey yawl
we just got this msg from Mark Porter, Exhibition Coordinator in the Department of Exhibition and Performance Spaces at Columbia College Chicago and Glass Curtain Gallery. Mark asks that we let yawl know, so pls consider this opportunity!
// jonCates

Call for Submissions from advanced emerging artists, graduate students, scientists and DIY inventors working with Kinetic Sculpture or Interactive Robotics.
We are looking for people who create kinetic art, robots (or something between) and love to share their process.
Submissions will be added to a section of an exhibition of kinetic artworks titled “The Research Lab”, which will be entirely devoted artworks and instructional, videos, drawings, etc. which Embrace the spirit of Open Source/ DIY culture and present processes related to the creation of kinetic art or robotics. The Research Lab will serve as an educational/instructional component, in whichprojects and processes can be shared. Submissions can include sculpture, instructional websites (thinkinstructables.com), drawings, video, manuals,anything that fits within the theme of robotics, kinetic artwork or invention.
Additionally, we are looking for artists interested in conducting workshops related to circuit bending, electric motors, microcontrollers or any type of DIY project that can be demonstrated to beginners
Theexhibition will be held at Columbia College Chicago Glass Curtain Gallery beginning in September of 2012. A program of lectures, workshops, and a
catalogue will accompany the exhibition.
To be considered please email a direct link to the website documenting your
work, or attach small images with descriptions to
robokinetic.exhibition@gmail.com. We can also accept snail mail submissions:
Call for Research Lab Submissions
Glass Curtain Gallery, First Floor
1104 S. Wabash Ave.
Chicago, IL. 60605
Submissions will not be considered after
May 15, 2012.