Sunday, October 24, 2010

Alex Barnett @ dorkbot Chicago on Thursday October 28th at 7pm

Alex Barnett @ dorkbot Chicago on Thursday October 28th at 7pm

Intro to PCB Layout with EAGLECAD

EagleCAD is a free and useful computer-aided layout editor for the development of printed circuit boards. This introductory presentation will briefly cover the merits and feasibility of using a layout editor and professional board house for inexpensive home projects. Alex will cover some theory behind circuit board behavior, rules of thumb for layout, and common "gotchas" for inexperienced board designers. The event will include a work-along tutorial where we will come up with a simple layout. The tutorial is designed for brand new beginners up to someone who has laid out a few boards and wants to learn a little more. Please bring laptops (windows, mac, or Linux). People are welcome to attend without a laptop, but it will certainly be more fun and useful to work along.

Alex Barnett is a musician and electrical engineer. His limited layout experience comes from interaction with full-time PCB designers as well as home projects.

Note: The software for this workshop is available to download for free from . We'll have the software at the workshop on USB thumb drives as well.




7 PM


Enemy Sound
1550 N. Milwaukee Ave 3rd Fl.
Chicago, IL 60622




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