Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jan 23 2008 - Chicago Dorkbot! 8PM - David Vondle

Jan 23 2008 - Chicago Dorkbot! 8PM - David Vondle

David Vondle presents

Sketching in Hardware:
Sketching is a tool for conveying and capturing information of an appropriate level as quickly as possible. When conceptualizing interactive systems, there is often value to bringing sketching off of the notepad and realizing the interaction in technology. There are many toolsets that lend themselves to sketching, I will be giving an introduction to one: the open source platform Arduino, and will host an improvisational design session where we create a functioning game or interactive art piece.

POST DORKBOT UPDATE: Last nights Chicago Dorkbot at Deadtech was quite a success! Davide Vondle gave a quick overview of the Arduino and showed many cool ways the Arduino can be combined with Adobe Flash to quickly mock up interesting games (he calls this technique "Sketching in Hardware." He then convinced the crowd to come up with a game we could quickly build using props he provided.

The crowd concluded after finding a latex glove, a styrofoam ring, some bubblewrap, and some red and brown felt, and a pressure sensor that the game would be called "Busy Proctologist."

Gameplay involves "examining" as many patients in the day as possible (measure by a 1 minute timer in Flash) without causing undue discomfort during the rectal exam (exceeding a moderate pressure range measured by the sensor and arduino.)

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Maximize your profit by examining patients for polyps as quickly as possible without exceeding the patients rectal discomfort threshold (thus upholding the Hippocratic Oath.)

Scoring Points
To score a point you must insert your hand into the rectum and probe for polyps while staying within the patients discomfort threshold (measured by a pressure sensor connected to the arduino at the base of the foam and felt goatse)

Negative Points
If you examine the patients rectums too forcefully you exceed the patients pain threshold (as measured by the pressure sensor). This violation of the Hippocratic Oath counts as a negative point reducing your total score.

To Play

1. Put on the Latex Glove.

2. Insert your hand into the felt goatse rectum and triggering the sensor at the bottom as many times as possible without pressing to hard and exceeding "moderate pressure" threshold.

3. Insert your hand repeatedly as frequently as possible.