Friday, February 19, 2010

Mitchell F Chan @ dorkbot Chicago on THURS FEB 25 2010 @ 7 PM!

Mitchell F Chan @ dorkbot Chicago on THURS FEB 25 2010 @ 7 PM!

Mitchell F Chan is a Canadian artist currently based in Chicago, and co-founder of art collective Studio F-Minus. The project he will be presenting, A Dream of Pastures, is an interactive projection machine created from a clever assembly of 6 streetlamp bulbs, an old exercise bike, and a dozen wooden cut-outs. The project debuted in 2008 to a one-night audience of over sixty thousand engaged viewers and participants, and in April will feature in the exhibition Helios: Eadweard Muybridge in a Time of Change, organized by the Corcoran Gallery in Washinton DC and later travelling to the SFMoMA and Tate Britain. At Dorkbot Chicago, Chan will walk through the history of the project to discuss principles of light projection and shadow-casting, project durability for high-volume interactive exhibits, and finding funding and art-world audiences for DIY experimental media.


THURS FEB 25 2010


7 PM


Enemy Sound
1550 N. Milwaukee Ave 3rd Fl.
Chicago, IL 60622




What is a "dorkbot"?! The idea of the international dorkbot network is "people doing strange things with electricity" and meeting in informal, friendly environments to discuss their projects. These projects could include hardware hacks, New Media Art projects, creative code, circuit bent musical instruments or wild DIY garage science!

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